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Customer contact center and bilingual call center

Call Center in Quebec, Client Contact Center - GEXEL

Why choose GEXEL solutions ?

  • Highly engaged team – We are passionate about customer experience
  • Flexibility – we adapt and customize our solutions to better meet you unique requirements; this is a key differentiator
  • Transparency and Accountability – we are results focused. We use data analysis to help drive better performance
  • Innovation - we have developed industry specific solutions tailored to the North American market.


 Industry Specific Solutions

  • We have decided to focus on 3 specific industry sectors: Telecommunications, Consumer Products and Retail including Travel, and the insurance industry
  • We have adapted our services and solutions to better address the unique requirements and best practices specific to each of these sectors
  • Our team has extensive experience and competencies for each of these focused industry sectors
Call Center in Quebec, Client Contact Center - GEXEL



 GEXEL is a customer contact and call center company founded in 1998 in Quebec. With 4 sites and over 1000 employees, GEXEL offers multichannel (voice, e-mail, chat and social media) call center services, automated communication solutions and a fully hosted contact center platform for its customers in North America.

Our service offering is extensive: bilingual inbound and outbound call center services for technical support, sales, customer retention, order and appointment management, telemarketing, satisfaction surveys and customer acquisition. Our mission is focused – help our customers drive more value from each customer contact.

GEXEL can also take charge of your back office activities, such as social media monitoring, reporting and data maintenance.


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